Collaboration with Canophera

We want partners who value the ideals we stand behind – sustainable products that benefit our four-legged companions, which are ethically produced to high German standards. Know that you will profit from a professional, reliable, and experienced collaboration. CANOPHERA has grown steadily and continues to expand. With our increased production, we are ready to go global! Will you become a part of our success story?

Product Presentation is Key.

Naturally Designed. Our displays use natural materials to highlight the natural properties of the product.

Appealing to Customers. Our open presentation and lack of unnecessary packaging allows customers to interact with the products, leading to more sales.

Saves Space. The display is easy to set up and keep stocked, giving you extra shelf space for other products.

Simply Explained. Our sign informs customers about how their dogs will benefit from CANOPHERA and which size to choose based on their dog’s weight and chewing habits.

Barcode. Our barcode can be easily read, making CANOPHERA products ready to sell.

Quality. Both the baskets and the display itself are handcrafted by a husband and wife team in Vietnam. They are made from certified solid wood.

QR Code. We love to interact directly with our customers and offer easy exchanges and advice.

Easy To Assemble. Our displays are easy to assemble and are shipped in a compact package.

Quantity. The display can hold 15 pcs in XS, 15 pcs in S, 18 pcs in M, 12 pcs in L, and 8 pcs in XL.

Measurements. Depth = 2.6 inches, Width = 16.9 inches, Height = 76.8 inches (Including Sign)

Our Distributors.

ADMC, Alamo, Aloha, Burlo, Canine Brands, Frontier, SouthEast Pet, Sunburst, Tickner's, Zeigler's

Product Sourcing.

All our products are sustainably sourced. We are proud to work with family-owned businesses in many areas of the world!

Coffee Wood - Vietnam

Briar Roots - Mediterranean

Antlers - Central Europe

Horns - North Africa

trusted by fast-growing companies.

Once you decide to become our partner, you become part of our growth. You will experience the values we live up to, and start writing your own success story with CANOPHERA products.

Get in touch.

We are looking for partners that share our vision, culture, and passion to improve dogs' lives all around the world. Together we will work to provide your customers with outstanding product experiences and satisfaction. Get in touch with us today so we can answer all your remaining questions.

We look forward to helping you plan your very own and individualized CANOPHERA product launch.