Dogs have always played a big role in our lives. We quickly came to realize that our four-legged companions have been impacted by the fast-paced environment in which we live. Not long ago, it was our dog’s task to accompany us while hunting or to guard our property.

Now though, more and more dogs share our busy lifestyle in crowded cities and towns. As a result, our dogs are not doing the jobs that they were bred to do. That means that they are underchallenged and overstimulated in our urban environment.

Therefore, we feel responsible to provide our loyal companions with products that meet their natural desire to chew, and that bring calm and pleasure into their everyday lives.

Our Success Story

We have a deep love for dogs, which drove us to understand their behavior and look to satisfy their basic needs. This led to the establishment of CANOPHERA.

What started as a small-scale company in 2012, soon grew into Europe’s leading producer and distributor of natural dog chews. Together with our sales partners, we supply to nearly 20 countries in Europe. With over a million products sold since 2018, we seek to improve dogs' lives everywhere.

Because we understand dogs.

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We are looking for partners that share our vision, culture, and passion to improve dogs' lives all around the world. Together we will work to provide your customers with outstanding product experiences and satisfaction. Get in touch with us today so we can answer all your remaining questions.

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