• Happy Chew Box
  • Happy Chew Box - Canophera
  • Happy Chew Box - Canophera
  • Happy Chew Box - Canophera
  • Happy Chew Box
  • Happy Chew Box
  • Happy Chew Box

Happy Chew Box

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The Happy Chew Box is designed as an ideal gift for your cherished canine companion. This selection features our finest environmentally responsible chewing products, offering a diverse range of textures and experiences for your dog.

Each box includes:

  1. Coffee Wood Stick: This product is a by-product of Vietnamese coffee production, meticulously handcrafted by local family enterprises. It functions as a toothbrush, toy, and stress reliever, ensuring daily care for your pet. The best part? The small flakes that come off are digestible in small amounts, and won’t hurt your dog! Bigger pieces coming off? Simply discard.

  2. Antler Split: Sourced from naturally shed antlers of red deer in Central Europe, these are collected by hand, ensuring your dog benefits from the rich nutrients retained in the antlers, thanks to skilled collection methods.

  3. Coffee Wood + Coconut Rope: A combination of hand-woven coconut rope and coffee wood, this chew is not only ideal for play but also promotes dental hygiene. The coconut fibers are digestible in small amounts and contribute to oral cleanliness.

Available in four sizes - Small (10 to 20lb), Medium (20 to 45lb), Large (45 to 85lb), and Extra Large (85lb or more) - to accommodate dogs of varying sizes.

It's important to select the correct size based on your dog's chewing behavior. These chews are suitable for dogs aged 6 months and older. The Happy Chew Box is a thoughtful, sustainable choice for your dog's entertainment and well-being.

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    Benefits of Our Sustainable Chews


    Curious about our Happy Chew Box? We get it! Check out answers to our frequently asked questions below.

    The Happy Chew Box is designed to help you find your furry friend's favorite CANOPHERA chew! Once they have chosen their favorite, you can then purchase that particular chew separately from the Happy Chew Box!

    We are big believers in upcycling, so if there is a chew your furry friend has not taken an interest in, we encourage you to regift it to another furry friend for them to try!