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All About Our Coffee Wood Stick Chews

At Canophera, our Coffee Wood Stick Chews stand out as our original and most sought-after product. Crafted from exceptionally tight wood fibers, these sticks are notably more durable than their counterparts, making them a resilient choice for your canine companion's chewing needs.

Understanding the Importance of Chewing

Chewing is an innate behavior for dogs, essential for their overall health and well-being. Beyond being a natural desire, chewing serves to calm nerves, induce relaxation, and keep our four-legged friends occupied. The act of chewing triggers the release of happiness-inducing hormones like dopamine and serotonin, contributing to your dog's overall contentment.

Dental Health Benefits

What sets Canophera's Coffee Wood Chews apart is their contribution to dental health. The fine wood fibers in these chews act as a natural toothbrush, helping to strengthen dental muscles and facilitate the natural cleaning of teeth. It's not just a chew; it's a dental care solution.

Sourcing Coffee Wood Responsibly

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the sourcing of our coffee wood sticks. Vietnam serves as the primary manufacturing location, creating job opportunities and supporting local economies. Importantly, the use of coffee wood as a byproduct of coffee production ensures that no trees are uprooted or cut down solely for our products. By selling this byproduct, we contribute to additional income for coffee farmers in Vietnam, fostering a cycle of sustainability.

Understanding "Splintering"

The above photos are examples of what a normal, chewed coffee wood stick looks like. This might look like splintering, but that is not what coffee wood does. Splintering is when your everyday stick breaks off into smaller, sharper pieces that can puncture soft tissue. When a dog chews on coffee wood, the dog's saliva softens the wood fibers making small pieces flake off. Because this wood becomes fibrous and soft when the saliva hits the wood, the flakes are not sharp, nor will it puncuture soft tissue. The small flakes are even digestible and will not harm the dog, that means NO splinters from coffee wood, only fibrous flakes.

If you notice that a bigger piece has fallen off, or about to fall off (see the above right photo), simply cut off that piece and discard of it. The chew can then be safely given back to your dog to continue their chew experience. Remove any unwanted flakes with a broom or vacuum as needed.

Optimal Chewing Time & Considerations

A recommended 20-minute chewing session with the coffee wood stick provides a period of relaxation for your dog. Monitoring your pet during these sessions is crucial, and if you observe intense chewing beyond this timeframe, consider giving them a break.

As dogs become accustomed to the coffee wood stick, their chewing patterns may evolve. If your dog starts to go through the sticks quickly, spacing out replacements can be beneficial. For more robust chewers, exploring larger stick sizes or trying our Briar Root product is a worthwhile consideration.

Pet Safety First

Each dog has unique chewing habits, necessitating continuous observation during their chew sessions. Should larger pieces or chunks come off while chewing, promptly discard them for the safety of dog.

In choosing our Coffee Wood Chew Sticks, you're not just providing a chew; you're investing in your dog's well-being and contributing to a sustainable and responsible approach to pet care.